Mike joined us back in September 2021 and was brought in to train as a Fryer, he came from a strong background in the food industry and had recently been working in a local takeaway/restaurant in the Fish & Chip industry.  As our training and frying is so specific, the training program here at Oliver’s is very intensive.  The training of a Fryer can take a minimum of 12 weeks however we always say you generally need a good six months to settle into the role and to really find your feet.
The path that Mike took with us as a Fryer has not been smooth, he has experienced some challenging times during his training here but we can not only commend him for professionalism and commitment but we are so proud of him and how far he has come.
Since the beginning of 2022, we have experienced some very busy periods and Mike he has dealt with these extremely well, yes he has made some mistakes here and there (but who doesn’t when they are first in the role) – however, he has dealt with the Takeaway queues and the busyness of the Restaurant so fantastically well.
We could not be prouder of Mike of how well he is settling into his role as Fryer but we would also like to ‘Thank’ him for his continued commitment and are looking forward to many years of employing him.
Well done and congratulations Mike!!!