So this beautiful soul has been working for us now since 2014, Aimee is one of our Kitchen Preparers/ Supervisors and has a wealth of experience of the restaurant side of our business.  She is our ‘Employee of the Month’ for February and the first for the year going forward.
Aimee is a caring and extremely ‘Customer Service’ focused individual, she never wants to let the customers down and will always ensure they are delivered the food in the most professional manner.  She organises the kitchen and her areas extremely well and will support her team members always.  Any new starters coming into the Restaurant will always start out in the kitchen to get a good feel for the environment and before hitting the restaurant floor, Aimee will always ensure they are settled in well and getting the right support.  Aimee never wants to give up on anyone and will ensure they get the guidance they need to shine within their roles.
Aimee you are always ever flexible to the needs of the business and the crew, you are amazing and never change – ‘Thank You’ for your continued commitment.