To celebrate the sunshine and brightness of July, we would like to celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful bright soul that is Shantelle (Restaurant – Waitress).

The photo we have chosen to use is of Mr Henry Farrington (Shantelle’s handsome Shih Tzu) we always hear wonderful stories about him, so we thought what more appropriate photo to use than his (how cute is he lol).

Shantelle began employment with us back in March 2023 and with her breadth of experience as a Barista/ Waitress she has fitted in wonderfully within the Restaurant crew. Shantelle is a highly committed individual who has a vibrant and ‘fun loving’ personality. She is settling in so well with our regular customers and she is already building on her own clientele, we recently received the following feedback from a customer who visited the restaurant one late Friday afternoon and requested to sit upstairs and their feedback was as follows:

Came today and WOW, another AMAZING feast! I rang to book a table upstairs,
but was told that they closed for cleaning, however, you were SOOOOO accommodating and allowed us to come at 3.45 and let us go upstairs. We were the only ones up there, we had a sea view and the most amazing food! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the lady who served us (she's actually served us a few times). Lovely, warm and so, so pleasant. She definitely should be in the running for "Employee of the month";. OMG… your cleaning routine too. It was spotless – no wonder I love it in your wonderful place. Definitely be back next time we want perfection! Thanks, Jane x