This is our amazing mammy HELEN. It is a bit different due to her being a director but we class ourselves as one big working family so that’s why after a family meeting, we have decided that she deserves this accolade. She has taken on almost double the amount of work both at home and at work, due to Michael (her fabulous husband) being off due to back surgery. Helen, as her profile states, is the jack of all trades. She has over the years taken on all roles within the business from the office to the shop floor, but the funny thing is she always said that she wouldn’t fry (cook people’s food), now there is no stopping her, she secretly loves it – putting a smile on faces from her cooking, by filling people’s empty bellies. Then as one shift ends another one starts – at home. Michael refused to go into it as he was concerned for his own safety, but it’s safe to say that she constantly strives to make things happen and for everyone to be happy at work and at home. Her husband loves everything she does both at home and at work. She always has a smile on her face even when things aren’t going quite according to plan (or a complete disaster really). Oliver thinks that she is the best mum in the world, even when she is telling him off. Which then ends up in the two of them in fits of laughter. She is the perfect role model for anyone who wants to have a laugh and work hard. She is a true asset to everyone that she comes in-contact with.

Well done Helen and thank you from everyone, you truly are an amazing woman. GO GIRL POWER!