We would like to acknowledge and appreciate the ‘one and only’ Ali, one of our Potato Preparers.
Ali has been working for us now for nearly two and half years, and he continues to be an excellent
member of staff and has been since day one. Ali is a highly committed, extremely dedicated
individual and as he would say ‘Head of the Potato Department’ lol…
Ali comes from a wealth of experience from working within the food industry and catering, however
he is more than happy at this stage in his life to take a step back and concentrate on his family life/
work balance.
Ali is always cheerful, he is a very hardworking and a true asset to the team and the businesses a
whole. He has helped out where needed during the refurbishments and even though he doesn’t
always get the best of jobs to do (especially cleaning out the grease traps) he is always happy to do
so, well maybe through gritted teeth lol.
Ali we appreciate you as a strong member of the crew and are proud to say you are one of our
employees – enjoy your £25 Love2Shop voucher, well maybe Nicki will lol.