The one and only Patzy (Pat) is just a joy to employ, to say we are proud of her as an employee is an understatement.  Pat is a core member of staff to our Restaurant here at Oliver’s and to us as a family business.  Her commitment to her role and the business is outstanding, Pat has worked for us for exactly 7 years on the 3rd of October and what better way to celebrate the month of October than to celebrate Pat.

Pat’s work ethic is amazing and her customer service skills are up there with the best, she is caring towards the customers and will always take time out to just go over and have a chat with them to see how they are doing, did they enjoy their meal and just generally making sure they are ok.  Pat is a shining example of the team in the restaurant and we are extremely proud to say she is one of ‘our crew’ here at Oliver’s.

Pat ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of our hearts for every shift and every year of commitment you continue to give to us as a business and as a family – we love you xxx

Well done Pat!!

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