You may remember we wished her lots of love (and especially luck lol) when she went on maternity
leave just before Christmas as she was expecting twins. We are pleased to say that they are both
doing so well and are flourishing, Farran and her family named them Willow and Logan and reports
are they are very well behaved and are slowly moving onto solids.

To say Farran has and continues to be an amazing Mum, to her three wonderful children is an
understatement – she is so calm and collective, and this is so true of her children (well sometimes
she says lol).

We are so pleased to welcome Farran back and I am sure you will all be very pleased to see her back
to her usual Friday nights, now we just need to get Michael back from his recovery and things could
slowly be getting back to normal (whatever that may be).

Thank you for coming back Farran we know you will settle in back in no time tonight, have a great
shift back!!