Redcar Chippy’s Fish First – Olivers Fish and Chips

Oliver’s has become the first fish and chips restaurant or takeaway on Teesside to achieve certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The family-run business is the only chippy to achieve the prestigious award along a 70-mile stretch of the North-east coast between Newcastle in the north and Whitby to the south.

The MSC works with partners to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practices.

The MSC ecolabel is the strongest, independent guarantee that fish is from healthy stocks, caught with minimal damage to the marine environment.

George Clark, the MSC’s UK commercial manager, said certification means Oliver’s customers can enjoy a fish supper whilst ensuring a bright future for the industry and our national dish.

He said: “By choosing MSC certified sustainable fish for their menus, Oliver’s are showing that they are leaders in their field.

“People are increasingly looking to make responsible choices when they eat out, especially when they visit the coast and are reminded about how valuable and beautiful our oceans are.

“I hope that the commitment shown by Oliver’s will inspire and encourage the residents and visitors of Redcar to look for the MSC eco-label whenever they choose fish.”

Oliver’s, who last year became one of Teesside’s only eateries to receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from online review website Trip Advisor, is delighted to be helping to protect the oceans whilst serving up its award-winning food.

Named after the son born just two months after they took over the restaurant, Oliver’s is run by husband-and-wife team Michael and Helen Roberts.

Head fryer Michael said the certification meant the Bath Street business had been recognised for an ongoing commitment to protecting the world’s sea grounds and fish supplies now and into the future.

“This is something we’ve been doing for some time now but the certification means that the MSC have recognised that we are setting the standards for others to follow within our industry.

“Whilst serving up fish and chips as a traditional taste of the North-east coast, it’s satisfying to know that we are helping to protect the fish, the oceans and the fishing industry as a whole for future generations.

“That can only be good for Oliver’s and our customers.”

Oliver’s cod and haddock supplies are caught in the sea grounds of Norway and delivered directly to the business only via MSC certified suppliers.

Featuring a 69-seater restaurant and adjoining takeaway, Oliver’s employs 16 full and part-time staff.

They recently revealed that they serve up 44,000 servings of chips per year, equating to more than 1.7 million chips!