So alongside the voting for the ‘Star Employee of the Year’ which was voted by the staff here at
Oliver’s, as a family and business owners we decided we would like to acknowledge two very
special individual’s for 2023.
These two individuals have been truly amazing throughout 2023.
The first individual we would like to acknowledge is the ever cheerful, ever-crazy and truly ‘one of
a kind’ in every way possible and that is Ollie Shields – Fryer. Ollie has been working alongside
the team for over 5 years now and has always worked as a Fryer.

Ollie's loyalty to the team and to the businesses is second to none and has definitely shown through
during 2023. A few hiccups along the way and maybe a few mistakes here and there, however
one thing you know you will always get from Ollie is a giggle and definitely a good shift. You are
ever committed to us as a business and a family, you will come in at the drop of a hat and you
definitely have our backs.
Ollie your change in attitude these last few weeks and months is something which your team has
picked up on and this what your team have been saying about you….
‘The new Ollie is very helpful now, granted still a bit messy but more thoughtful even though he
doesn’t realise and love the help he gives now throughout the shift… fingers crossed the new
Ollie is here to stay’

The second individual we would like to acknowledge is the one and only, Sarah Gratton –
Counter Assistant/ Kitchen Supervisor.
Wow Sarah you have gone above and beyond this year, through the craziness of the summer
season, the refurbishment – you have always been so hard working, efficient and ever dedicated
to any role or duty that is thrown at you.
You scarified your own holidays whilst others had there’s, your support to us as a family and a
business is truly truly appreciated (more than you can ever imagine). Running a small family
business is harder than most people realise, it is a business but also a family at the same time.
We work solidly as a team and as long as we are giggling and powering through, we get to the
end with a smile and definitely a few more giggles
Sarah you are a valued member of our team and someone we see for the future… here is what
your colleagues say about you….
I wanna vote for Sarah as she’s so bubbly and can make anyone smile no matter what mood
people are in, she’s hard-working and whenever I’m on shift with her she just gets things done
and you can still have a chat with her and is always helping out if I need it and she’s always so
friendly and talkative to customers x

Well done to you both, you are both awarded £50 and another year of working for us lol ….. 2024
#teamolivers xxx