What do Brits eat with their fish and chips?

With one of the recent YouGov polls voting fish and chips as the second most popular dish in the UK among all adults, we looked at some of the side dishes most commonly eaten with your typical fish and chips.

Salt and Vinegar

The tried and true condiments! Many people believe that salt and vinegar are essential when eating fish and chips and are the go-to when you pick up your chippy in the takeaway.

For me, I prefer a sprinkle of both, not too much not too little. But we've seen people show their enthusiasm and love for these condiments. It's all a matter of personal preference!

salt and vinegar


Mushy Peas

Mushy peas are a traditional British dish that some people may be hesitant to try at first. They are usually bright green and have a mushy texture, which can be off-putting for some. However, they are actually really good when served with fish and chips.

Rumour has it that when Michael Jackson, visited Britain often, he loved mushy peas from the local chip shops!

Although we can't say the famous moonwalker visited our little chip shop, Whitesnake's David Coverdale used to live in the flat above the restaurant!



Baked Beans

One of my favourites! Reminding me of when I was a child and having fish fingers, chips and beans! There's nothing my soul filling that having a little pot of baked beans with my fish and chips. But apparently, it's a highly controversial choice!



A favourite across the UK, gravy is up there on the sauce list to pair with your chippy! It's a good one for our pies too!
Gravy is the traditional accompaniment for chips in the north of England.

Apparently, pouring gravy over your chips the same way you would with curry sauce or ketchup is not considered proper and a small pot of gravy for dipping your chips is much preferable… However, my preference is to cover the chips with my sauce of choice! It stops people from stealing them!



Curry Sauce

Curry sauce is arguably the most popular topping for fish and chips in the UK. It originated in the 1970s when many fish and chip shops in the North of England were owned by Asian families. Just over the Irish sea, the Irish take on curry sauce is a darker and richer sauce than its English counterpart and typically contains the flavour enhancer Monosodium Glutamate or MSG.



Tomato sauce / Ketchup

Whether you like to dip or smother your chips with it, ketchup is one of those that no one can say no to. The many ingredients in Heinz Ketchup perfectly complement our chips to add an extra special flavouring to them!

A study from 10 years ago found that tomato ketchup was Britain's best-loved fish and chips accompaniment. The study found that one-third of all Brits who are partial to our national dish have it with a dollop of tomato sauce on the side and it found that one in six prefer mushy peas while one in ten prefer curry sauce. Lots of mixed results!



Brown Sauce

Not as popular as your classic tomato sauce but twice as popular in Scotland as anywhere else in Britain, brown sauce is known for its dark fruity taste and is a popular addition to the full English breakfast as well as a complement for fish and chips.

Another YouGov poll said that 22% of Scots choose the brown stuff, sometimes referred to as "chippie sauce", on their chips compared to 13% in the North, the region where it is next most popular. Us Northerners still enjoy it, but not as much as gravy or ketchup!


Tartare Sauce

Not one I would reach for, but Tartare sauce is based on the French 'Sauce Tartare' invented in the 19th century and is very popular in the US.

The UK's recipe is based on mayonnaise or aioli then mixed with capers, gherkins, lemon juice, and dill, which differs from the French's as their's is made with mayonnaise, shallots and chives.



Bread and Butter

Many of us up in the North of England consider fish and chips incomplete without a few slices of buttered white bread. We even squeeze as much as we can between the sliced bread and make the meal of champions, a chip butty! But there are no hard and fast rules and you can eat them as you like!


Do you agree? Have we missed your favourite? Why not let us know and we’ll add it to the list!